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Fitness Training

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At Active Explosive we are passionate about exercise, and combining it with the beauty of the outdoors gives us the perfect training solution – one that will make you forget about the stress of the day, whilst you enjoy the benefits that comes from fitness training.

We offer a variety of different training options to cater for all your health and fitness needs. They can be mixed and matched in combinations that suit your needs, goals and pocket. All our training sessions are instructed by Qualified and Highly Skilled Instructors and include the following options:


Fitness1Our PowerFit programme is the perfect, overall body training programme. It is set up to cater for beginners as well as advanced training men and women. We use bodyweight and outdoor based equipment such as sandbags, tyres, agility ladders, etc. to provide a total body workout that is guaranteed to blowtorch all unwanted body fat. If a leaner physique, flatter abs, toned arms and better overall fitness is what you’re looking for, then this is the option for you!

At Active Explosive we believe in family unity as much as the individual. We have therefore created an environment where every individual can push themself to ensure maximum benefit with every training session, but also created an environment that is family friendly. There is ample space for the kids to play while mom and dad can enjoy a PowerFit session without having to stress about the kids.

One of the most important benefits of our PowerFit sessions are performing a variety of exercises from different disciplines, thus asking more of your body than the traditional, straight-forward training approaches. Increased workload and variety leads to increased capability. By doing more with your body, your fitness levels and physique has no choice but improve!

With our PowerFit sessions it is possible to gain muscle, lose fat, tone up, increase cardio-aerobic capacity and quicken your feet all in a single workout.


Our FitX sessions focus specifically on raising fitness levels with the goal to increase fitness, improve speed, muscle endurance and running ability. It is all about fitness, about raising the bar and moving you out of your comfort zone.

If you are serious about training or competing in any sport discipline, this is the answer to getting fitter, stronger, faster whilst raising your endurance levels at the same time. We have two qualified Sport Coaches that is involved in putting together and instructing these training sessions.

Trail Running

Fitness4Trail Running is a specialised Group Trail Running service for everybody new to running, or new to trail running. Our qualified coaches and expert trainers runs with the group while provide tips on Trail running, techniques and training. They also provide support to everybody through-out the run, ensuring each participant stays motivated to complete an enjoyable run.Fitness5

Because we value unity, we also arrange for various trail runs or sporting events through-out the year where we, as an Active Explosive Group, can participate and enjoy a day or weekend of pure trail and outdoor bliss together!


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