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Weight Loss

Between the numbers of low-carbohydrate / low-calorie diets and studies linking the consumption of processed carbs to obesity and chronicWeight Loss1 diseases, carbs have become the black sheep of the nutrition world. Heavy consumption of PROCESSED carbs affects the body’s hormonal system, leading to inflammation, which leads to the storage of excess fat.

For a lean, fit and healthy body, HEALTHY carbohydrates are a necessity. The challenge is to take in just the right amount of carbs — at just the right times. It turns out that what carbs you eat — and especially, when you eat them — can drastically affect your body’s response to them.

I (Benita) have used years’ worth of research material from the world’s best nutrition and weight loss experts to give you a scientifically formulated weight loss program that WORKS! This weight loss programme is not a DIET, but rather a programme that will teach you how to eat for optimal weight loss and health, allowing you to KEEP OFF the weight you have lost!

What do you receive when ordering Active Explosive’s Weight Loss Programme?

ALL of the above for only R500!



Weight Loss3

We have tried and tested this weight loss programme for over 9 years and the results below are evident!

Simply complete the order form and email it to info@activeexplosive.co.za. We will confirm your order and set up your consultation appointment. The confirmation email will also provide you with our banking details and once payment is confirmed you will receive your electronic weight loss pack.

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“Before and after” stories 

 Ronel (Before & After) 







“Die pad wat ek van Oktober 2013 af gestap het, het ek saam met awesome mense gestap.  Sommiges is van toeka af al saam met my en ander het gekom en gegaan. En ja, die pad was nie altyd maklik nie maar ek is steed vandag nie een oomblik spyt dat ek by Active Explosive aangesluit het nie.  Elke dag het ek beleef dat dit nie net gaan oor oefen nie – dit gaan oor die mens wat oefen.  Vet of maer, fiks of nie fiks – die trainers daar het altyd woorde van prysing gehad. niemand het gevoel dat sy net daar is nie.  Jy is aangespoor om jou beste te doen – al is dit om net drie van die tien push-ups te doen. Ek besef vandag ook dat die pad wat ek stap nie klaar gestap is nie.  Wat is amper drie jaar van hard werk om beter te lyk?  Dit het my 48 jaar gevat om te kom waar ek was en nou verwag ek miracles in minder as drie jaar.  En ja – hard gaan ek nog moet werk – blood, sweat and tears – maar my ou gesegde kom weer by my op “No pain – No gain”.  Ek is seker Riaan (silent but violent) skryf elke keer na ‘n oefening biologie boeke oor wat dan het ek seer waar ek nie eers geweet het mens seer kan wees nie.  En Wessel – hy kan ‘n mens motiveer met sy team talks – jip – nooit geweet een mens kan so baie burpees doen op een slag nie – en dit net alles nadat hy begin team talk het hier naby 50 burpees. Maar hy kan dit doen – jy luister en kry sommer net nuwe “umph”

 Dankie Benita –  die harde werk wat jy elke dag insit om vir ons verskillende programme uit te werk.  Dankie vir jou luister as die spiere lekker seer is – maar ons nog steed lekker hard te laat oefen.  Dankie dat jy altyd raad het.  Dankie dat jy ons altyd aanspoor om beter te doen, dankie dat jy ons prys terwyl ons oefen.  Daar is soveel wat ek voor dankie kan sê.  Weet net dat dit baie waardeer word.”

Lorna (Before & After)                









Lorna started Body X Bootcamp with Active Explosive after enter one of our Body Transformation Challenges, September 2016. 6 Months later and she is still going strong with a total of 10kg weight loss to date.

Bazil (Before & After)









“This is my before and after picture after 4 months of 1 x per week PowerX training at Active Explosive. Although I also made an effort to train at least twice a week at home, it was the POwerX training sessions that made all the difference and also gave me the energy, will and commitment to better myself. Before I used to weight 80kg, but since joining Active Explosive, I have lost quite a bit of body fat and now weight 76kg. I have gained more toned muscle mass, thanks to awesome  guidance and instructions as well as great enthusiasm from Wessel Benita and Riaan (trainers and coaches at Active Explosive)”

Chrissie (Before & After)  








“I saw Active Explosive’s advertisement the first time in September 2012. I was unsure about the bootcamp-style of exercises, but thought it would be nice exercising outdoors rather than the confines of a building – like a gym.

Benita showed me a picture of herself of a few years back and when I looked at the woman standing in front of me (compared to the photo), I knew that the bootcamp exercises must work and decided then and there to join Active Explosive. I quickly realized that bootcamp training provided me with “medicine” for body and mind. The people I met at Active Explosive were all there with one goal in mind – to exercise, get fitter and healthier and loose unwanted fat. With the help of Benita’s “Tender Loving Care”-exercises, inspirational chats, and positive thoughts, I managed to loose 12kg and a lot of centimetres over a 2 year, 6 month period. It might not sound like much, but before Active Explosive I have tried to lose the weight I gained since the birth of my daughter (8 years ago) through regular exercise at our local gym. 

After 6 months at Active Explosive, Benita recommended that our training group try trail running. At first it was all about learning to run for little distances at a time, but we trained hard towards running our very first trail running race in August 2014 – and that was exactly what we did. This first race was quite a challenge, but I was hooked. In the last couple of years, I also completed a Spur Winter Trail Series and 2 Spur Summer Trail Series – each series consisting of 4 gruelling trail races.

Active Explosive has added PowerX (cross-training) and FitX (runner-specific exercises) to their training programmes and I now partake in all these programmes. The most important thing I learned over the last couple of years is to believe in myself and to never give up! Rome was not built in one day, but in the great outdoors miracles seem to happen at Active Explosive with the great trainers we have …hats off to Benita and Wessel Kritzinger”

Adri (Before & After) 







“I started attending a bootcamp class a year ago. In March 2014, I added another class to my training program after a discussion with Benita and Wessel on how to optimize my training for effective weight loss. They introduced me to trail running, which I started in May 2014. I slowly started to lose weight and in November I signed up for Active Explosive’s Body Transformation Challenge. I learned about better eating habits and started seeing great results on the scale and centimeter loss. I ended in 3rd place with a loss of 4.8kg (3% body fat) over a 9 week period. None of this would have been possible without the help and motivation of Benita and Wessel. I actually enjoy training and are doing things such as trail running that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be able to do – today, I’ve not only participated in a couple of trail run races, I also love it!!”

Yonanda (Before & After) 







“After the birth of my second child I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and got depressed when dressing in the morning as nothing fitted. I came across the words from Coco Chanel and decided that something had to be done but I couldn’t do it on my own. I joined Active Explosive in May 2014 and since then haven’t looked back.  I absolutely love it and my weeks feel empty if I missed a class. The BodyX Bootcamp and trail running is challenging and so much fun. I’ve lost weight; I fit into my clothes and feel so much better about myself. I haven’t just gained confidence, I also gained have a new group of amazing friends. I could not have done this without the support of the best trainer, Benita, thank you”

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