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Sports Coaching

Our Certified Sport Coach, Benita (aka Coach B), provides coaching for road & trail enthusiasts – aimed at both kids and adults.back of a sport coach's blue shirt with the yellow Coach word written on it

Coach B’s passion for running started at a very early age and she made it her mission to teach people how grow this enjoyment and love for running in their own lives! As an avid runner, she has been involved in running for over 26 years. She is currently still an active participant in races, both trail and road. The following are some of her highlights:


Coach B’s mission is to meet each individual person’s goals and needs. You will receive a program custom-made for your specific goals or needs and moreover, she will challenge you to reach your goals and fulfil your running potential. Her programmes have a strong focus on increasing fitness and teaching her clients how to not only increase pace over various distances, but also to keep a steady pace through-out a specific distance run. She also focusses on endurance to help strengthen your legs and teach your legs to perform under pressure, thus making you a stronger and faster runner.

Coach B believes in building up and will therefore encourage you and provide you with all the backing and belief you need to reach your best.

Coaching Options and Pricing

Coaching Options and Pricing


Address: Khosa Sports Club, 108 Fredrick Cooper Drive, Kenmare, Krugersdorp